Computing Innovation

Driven by ever greater computing power and smarter software, exponentially growing and converging technologies are radically changing the world from every aspect, be it economical, social or financial. No society or industry will remain unaffected.

At Sophios we endeavour to make sense of these developments while educating and enabling our clients to make the most of the massive opportunities presented.

Join us to Learn, Develop, Build & Implement together.

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Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Software Development
Embedded System Development

Computing Services

High Performance Computing
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Why are we the best?

  • Infrastructure

    World-class consulting

    We employ engineers and scientists with a keen business view, rather than the other way around, to ensure deep-insight strategic and technology thinking. Our ability to keep up with ever faster technology changes is the only way to provide real value to our clients in a technology driven world.

  • Infrastructure

    Learn, Develop, Build and Implement with us

    Sophios builds networks rather than just selling hours. It is an inconvenient truth that, given exponential change, whatever we teach you now, will be outdated very soon. Instead we endeavour to make you part of our technology community allowing you to continuously learn, develop, build and implement with others and grow with us.

  • Infrastructure

    Enterprise-class Infrastructure for your deployments

    Build and Implement your ideas on our infrastructure. Sophios cloud infrastructure utilizes the mature and robust Solaris UNIX® operating system on the latest industry-grade accelerated hardware to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability. With triple redundancy, active prevention of silent data corruption and real-time integrity checking of our entire software stack through dynamic tracing, your data stays intact, even after years.

  • Support

    Solid 24/7 Support

    Sophios's legendary premium support guarantees 24/7 immediate access to highly qualified staff that will actually help you on the spot.

  • Data Centers

    Data Centers in The Netherlands

    With ever stricter Dutch and European data protection laws and rising concerns about privacy intrusion, the actual physical location of your external data must be known and guaranteed. Sophios data centers are premium-tier and located exclusively in the Netherlands.

Who needs us?

We might be invaluable to you if your business depends on rapidly advancing the state of the art in one or more of the following technology fields:

  • Neuro Science

    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Digital Healthcare

    Digital Medicine, Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

  • Neuro Science

    Neuro Science

    Neuronal and full brain modelling and simulations

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Synthetic Biology & Bio-informatics

    Synthetic Biology & Bio-informatics applications

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Graphic Design & Digital Manufacturing

    3D Design and visualisation; 3D printing

  • Artificial Intelligence


    Robotic applications, autonomous cars and drones

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Material Science

    Nano technology

Or if you are a heavy data or computing user in a well established field.

ceph storage cluster

Sophios Ceph Storage Cluster:
42U fully integrated rack, 3 Monitor nodes, 9 OSD Storage Nodes

high density storage optimised server

Sophios High-Density Storage Optimised Server:
Dual processors / 36 disk and up to 90 disk top-loading expansion in 4U

high density GPU optimised server

Sophios High-Density GPU Optimised Server:
Dual processors and 4 GPUs in 1U

high performance GPU optimised server

Sophios High-Performance GPU Optimised Server:
Dual processors and up to 10 GPUs in 4U

high performance 4 GPU workstation

Sophios High-Performance GPU Workstation:
Scientific computing & Deep Learning development on 4 x Tesla / GeForce GPU


Deep learning development workstation with CUDA, Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow and CuDNN on 4 x Tesla V100


NVIDIA DGX-1V Deep Learning Supercomputer-in-A-Box:
8 x Tesla V100 with 40960 CUDA Cores and 960 TFLOPS of FP16 compute in 3U

Why Sophios?

Sophios endeavours to be a catalyst for acceleration and convergence of emerging technologies.
We enable our clients by providing a state of the art, evolving, yet economical High Performance Computing & Storage infrastructure while making them part of a Collaborative Educational Knowledge Network for the essential exchange of ideas and talent across disciplines.

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